Meet the Band

Our Story

Elly Hoyt is the singer-song writing lead lady and she's a mover and a shaker. She writes from an honest place and is the upfront, no bullshit girl of the group. Elly loves to make flower crowns for the band and meditate. If there is a problem to solve, Elly is up for the task. Elly is the glue that keeps everyone together. 

Rebecca Karlen is a classical violinist by trade but plays the shiz niz out of all styles from tango, bossa nova to folk. Rebecca is the heart of the group and her kind nature and feminine energy brings a raw and gentle vibe to the group. Rebecca loves animals and when you visit there is always laughs, food, two cats, a dog and her kick ass daughter, Sophia.

Beck Flatt is a country girl and grew up on a farm. Beck loves to be grounded and be out in nature as much as possible. Beck hits those drums with a lot of soul and a lot of sensitivity and is the firecracker in the group. She keeps everyone laughing and the energy high. If you ever have a  problem with a car, tying knots, working a sound system or cooking, this girl is an absolute weapon.

Helen Svoboda is a bass slapping, flute playing, guitar strummin', piano strokin' legend that is as powerful as a woman as she is a musician. Helen is the rock in the group, super chill and keeps her cool in any situation. Helen loves cheese and dogs and a good trip to the beach. 


My Nightingale are an indie-folk band featuring the incredibly versatile vocals and songs of award-winning songstress Elly Hoyt; exploring the natural world and the themes that run through life's experience. Expect groovy folk rhythms, soul-soothing tunes with luscious vocal harmonies, and layers of beautiful strings. 

Elly has played and worked alongside Katie Noonan, Xavier Rudd, Bobby Alu, James Morrison, Danny Farrugia, Gretchen Parlato (USA), Kenny Barron Trio (USA) and is a beautiful story-teller & composer. She transmutes her soulful jazz roots to indie-folk to create My Nightingale's sound which was recently described as "absolutely exquisite... modern soul-funk, a bit folky, a bit celtic, with phenomenal voices, harmonies and dry humour!". 

While studying in Boston USA in 2016, Elly discovered a poem by holocaust survivor Rose Ausländer that was dedicated to Ausländer’s mother. Deeply moved, and feeling the pull of her homeland, Elly was driven to start a band in honour of her own mother, her early music influences, and honouring her true self. 

After returning to Brisbane, Australia, Elly (vox/ukelele/guitar) joined forces with talented professionals. Within minutes of playing together, they all knew that this was something special. Thus, My Nightingale was born. 

Influences include Abigail Washburn, Eva Cassidy, Laura Marling and Tallest Man On Earth. 

My Nightingale recently joined the line-up of the Queensland Music Festival's "Immersion" series in July with Katie Noonan, Deborah Conway, All Our Exes Live in Texas, Montaigne and others. They have performed at Palm Creek Folk Festival, Sunshine Coast Ukelele Festival, the Brisbane City Hall Concert Series, City Sounds Concerts and toured the East Coast of Australia to launch their debut EP in September 2017.


My Nightingale  

A poem by Rose Ausländer 

Once upon a time my mother was a doe.  
The gold- brown eyes  
the grace  
stayed with her from the doe-time.  

Here she was  
half angel half human -  
the middle was Mother.  
When I asked her what she would have wanted to be  
she said: a nightingale.  

Now she is a nightingale.  
Night after night I hear her  
in the garden of my sleepless dream.  
She is singing the Zion of the ancestors  
she is singing the long-ago Austria  
she is singing the mountains and beech  
forests of Bukowina.  
Cradle songs  
my nightingale  
sings to me night after night  
in the garden of my sleepless dream.