My Nightingale + Claire-Anne Taylor

Illume , 17254 Bass Hwy, Boat Harbour TAS 7321, BOAT HARBOUR, TAS

My Nightingale are launching their debut EP “Folk Tales” with a national tour and we will be performing at Illume at Killynaughts, Boat Harbour,Tasmania with Claire Anne Taylor.

Tickets are $20 at the door.

Featuring the incredibly versatile vocals and songs of award-winning songstress Elly Hoyt, playing guitar and ukelele. Elly is joined by Rebecca Karlen on violin and vocals, Adam Ray on drums and Helen Svoboda on double bass and vocals.

With diverse musical backgrounds and stories, these talented musicians and singers bring to the stage soul soothing tunes with luscious vocal harmonies, layers of beautiful strings and groovy folk rhythms.